European - $150.00

White Tail, Axis, Mule Deer (No Plaque)


European Handcrafted Cedar Flat Panel Plaque

ADD $35.00

European Handcrafted Cedar 3D Plaque

ADD $55.00


Listed here are the most common services we offer but we invite you to call for additional pricing and special items such as personalized hoof gun racks and exotic animail pricing.

Shoulder Mount - $600.00

White Tail, Axis, Mule Deer (Non-3D Pose)


Shoulder Mount 3D Pose

ADD $50.00

For all other pricing, give us a call at 832.491.3040

Tanned Hides - $175.00

White Tail, Axis, Mule Deer, Black Buck, & more. (Full Hide)